Goals – June 2017


I’ve read time and time again that one way to start completing your goals is to write them down. Although I’m very organized and task oriented at work, in my creative life, I tend to be a dreamer. I get lost in the fantasy of “wouldn’t it be great if i did…”

Daydreaming about what I might create also protects me from actually putting myself out there. People might hate it, or judge me or laugh at me. They might snicker behind my back. It feels like that dream in which you show up to school naked! Yikes!

In spite of feeling super vulerable, I also feel a deep urge to do something different. To create. To contribute. To move forward.

I’m ready to be vulerable! I’m ready to take risks! I’m ready to dive in head first!

On that note, here goes nothing!

  1. New post every Monday and Thursday
  2. Prepare Pitch for Family & Friends
  3. Complete Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing
  4. Earn $1 from Affiliate Marketing

To some of you, these goals may seem simple, easy. But toss in a full-time job, twins, husband, house, chores, a girls trip to Vegas, etc. Phew, I’m tired just thinking about it!

My plan is to work and write in the evenings after H&H go to bed. Today is June 1st AND a Thursday. I better get writing!

xoxoxoxo Jill

P.S. Please Universe, help me!